Thursday, 3 September 2015

About ECE Department

The Department of ECE, one of the premier Departments of RGMCET is offering U.G and P.G courses. It is a leading branch with M.Tech programs in Embedded Systems and Digital Systems and Computer Electronics.


The Department aims to be the leader in ECE applications and solutions. The Department pioneered and continues to refine the teaching methodologies with its intellectual faculty. Enriched by  Four Professors and Nine Associate Professors, the Department strives to reach the goal of achieving long term growth. Since its establishment, it has maintained an unwavering commitment to R&D as five of the teaching faculty are involved in research work in various research areas and registered for Ph.Ds in JNT University. The balanced portfolio approach allows the Department to address the needs of student community.


Since its formation, the Department has grown swiftly as a trail blazer for its five university gold medals.

The Department totals over 9 laboratories equipped with latest equipment which includes 8086 MP Advanced Training system, 100 MHz, 2 Channel, Arbitrary Function Generator, Digital Light Projector, 100MHz, 4 Channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Finger print Authentication tool, Global Positioning Training system, Wireless Equipment, Image daughter card, Microwave Benches, Mobile Telephony Communication system.

The Department possesses nearly ten licensed and state-of the-art software, viz., VLSI Design suite with student edition and plus edition, MATLAB, SIMULINK, CCS software full version, Multisim, MultiMCU, Synplify Pro, Ultiboard, VisSim/Comm. and Microwind Low Power VLSI Design.

The Department has been conducting the Short Term certificate courses on Low Power VLSI System in association with Synopsys, U.S.A.


It works to ensure that its technology is harnessed to enhance the efficiency levels of students in every potential form.